Expert in helping others understand self-doubt and fear and guiding them to replace it with unwavering confidence.

Engaging speaker

Passionate leader

Expert in helping others understand self-doubt and fear and guiding them to replace it with unwavering confidence.

Engaging speaker

Passionate leader


Imposter Syndrome

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    Claudia is a Motivational Speaker and Coach who works with businesses and individuals to identify their confidence crushers and uncover how they will often hold back personal and professional success. Claudia provides fool-proof and engaging ways to control feelings of fear and doubt, harness courage, and reduce and eliminate impostor syndrome, allowing increased confidence and more self-esteem, which translates into happier, more successful, and more productive individuals.

    With over ten years of experience creating and presenting corporate trainings and continuing education, the ability to make meaningful connections with audiences, and a tenacious desire to help people drop their self-doubt in favor of unwavering confidence, Claudia knows how to command a stage or a classroom, connect with a crowd, and provide workable action steps that will leave the audience eager and able to make positive changes in their lives. Claudia’s keen ability to connect with others to learn and understand motivations and needs leads to increased productivity and stronger team dynamics.

    Claudia’s humor, sarcasm, and ability to be open and vulnerable about her own experiences immediately creates trust with the audience and makes them feel like they’re chatting with an old friend. Claudia captivates groups from the moment she takes the floor, and her tried-and-true techniques empower individuals immediately, providing them the buy-in they need to continue to do the work to create their best and most confident selves.

    Your journey begins here.

    Unlike many speakers and trainers, Claudia doesn't believe in superficial quick fixes. Her approach is grounded in real-life strategies and techniques that are easy to implement and have proven to be highly effective in helping individuals identify and eliminate Impostor Syndrome once and for all.

    Real-life Strategies


    Claudia's trainings and presentations are not just about delivering information but creating a transformative experience for her audience. She brings a unique blend of empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and unwavering support that fosters a safe space for individuals to open up and confront their challenges head-on.

    Inspiring Transformation


    Claudia boasts an impressive background in corporate training, continuing education, and speaking on a variety of subject matters, along with practical experience in the fields of increasing confidence and crushing Impostor Syndrome. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the underlying causes and manifestations of low confidence make her the perfect choice to guide your audience towards lasting change.



    Work with Claudia

    Low confidence, high levels of fear, and Impostor Syndrome can be significant obstacles to productivity and teamwork in any organization. Claudia's expertise will not only empower individuals to overcome these hurdle, but she will also provide tools and insights to foster a more positive and collaborative work environment, which helps both the employees and the employer.

    Empowering Your Team


    Claudia's trainings and presentations aren't just a one-time motivational boost. She equips her audience with tools and strategies that they can carry with them throughout their personal and professional journeys. The positive impact of her talks continues to reverberate long after the event.

    Lasting Impact


    Countless individuals have already benefited from Claudia's guidance, reporting enhanced self-confidence, improved performance, and a newfound sense of purpose. Her track record of success speaks volumes about the value she brings to those who seek her expertise.

    Proven Results


    Claudia tailors her 1-1 training and group talks to the unique needs of your audience, ensuring her message resonates deeply with each individual. Whether addressing a small team or a large conference, she has a remarkable ability to connect with her audience on a personal level, leaving a lasting impact.

    Personal Touch


    Claudia's extensive knowledge, genuine passion, and proven track record in helping individuals identify and eliminate their confidence crushers and kick Impostor Syndrome make her an ideal choice as your next speaker or 1-1 confidence catalyst. With her guidance, you or your audience will gain the confidence and clarity needed to embrace true potential and achieve unprecedented success. Don't miss the opportunity to empower yourself or your team with Claudia's transformative insights!

    Russel L.

    “I actually didn’t know what Impostor Syndrome was until Claudia explained it to me. She noticed something I mentioned about anxiety and realized that it was actually Impostor Syndrome impacting me both personally and professionally. After learning and implementing her techniques to eliminate Impostor Syndrome, I am happier, more confident, and feel like I’m making a bigger impact at work and in my marriage.”

    Rachel E.

    This was fantastic! This was all so helpful. I really connected with these techniques

    Joe S.

    “So impressive, and Claudia’s presentation skills are amazing. Claudia has a God-given gift from her journey to get her here.” 

    ALL 5 Star reviews

    Kim L.

    Claudia, you are fire! If you haven’t heard this talk, it’s amazing!

    Don't just take our word for it 

    If you are ready to heal and move forward to a happier, healthier, and more confident life, this podcast is a must listen.